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Are you looking for handyman services and repairs? Give us a call about your next home project and let’s schedule an appointment.

If you are looking for Handyman Services and Home Repairs in Virginia Beach, then give our home remodeling contractors a call!

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Looking for handyman services and repairs in VA Beach? Give us a call for your home improvement needs!

General Contractor Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia

When choosing a handyman for your home repair needs, you want a contractor that is reliable. Home Designs is an insured and licensed Residential Building Contractor (#2705162951) serving the Virginia Beach area.

We are a micro business that takes pride in providing traditional craftsmanship and a strong work ethic. Therefore, you’ll be happy to experience personable customer service without large crews. If you decide to work with us, then you can expect a small family team show up at your door.

For over 25 years, we have been helping homeowners make their dream remodels a reality. Now it’s your turn! Read more about the services we provide.

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Would you like to see our quality of work? A great way to become acquainted with our services is to browse through our portfolio!

Take a look at the local remodeling and handyman services that we’ve done in the past.

Why Choose Us?


We regularly ensure our contracting licenses, insurance policies, and background checks are up-to-date.

Thorough Advice

Feel confident in your project and materials with professional insight and superior options to fit your needs.

Micro Business

Choosing us is supporting a small, family-owned business who pays attention to details with competitive pricing.


What Our Clients Say

When choosing a company for your home improvement needs, you want to find the best. A great way to become acquainted with our services is to browse through our portfolio and read what a few of our clients have to say about the integrity of our work.

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