Home Designs Co is a General Contractor In Virginia Beach, Virginia. If you're interested in carpentry expertise, then we can design custom built backyard sheds. Next, haul and remove sheds. Finally, our handyman can repairs sheds. We are located in Virginia Beach. Call our remodeling contractors today!

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CO-FOUNDER, General Contractor

Jim Williams

Don’t worry about welcoming various strangers into your home! Our contractor, Jim Williams, will be there to answer your call, estimate your job, help you finalize decisions, and then complete your project.

He has over 25 years of experience in construction. As mentioned in customer reviews, he takes the time to attend details, source quality materials, and provide professional insight with helpful options. Without a doubt, he will ensure that your needs are met and that you are ultimately satisfied.

Our goal at Home Designs Co. is to create a personable experience, while providing thorough advice for designing and improving your home on your next project!

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If you are looking for Handyman Services in Virginia Beach , then you will be pleased to meet our licensed Remodeling Contractor. Because with over 25 years experience in remodeling, carpentry, and handyman skills, you can feel confident that your job will be done right! So, get in touch with our remodeling contractor to begin your project today!

Handyman Services

We provide expert advice and services for your home improvement project! Save time from tedious home maintenance and repairs and hire us!

Home Designs Co are Custom Shed Builders. So, if you are interested in Shed & Backyard Structures, then we are happy to do a Shed installation for you! Since, our handyman also provides Storage & Garden Shed Repair services. Additionally, custom Storage & Garden Sheds make your outdoor space a lot more organized. Therefore, if you are looking for Shed services in Va Beach, don't hesitate to contact us!

Custom Backyard Structures

Design your outdoor space with a unique garden shed, raised beds, and more.

  • Custom Shed Build
  • Self-Watering Raised Garden Beds
  • Shed Modification & Repairs
  • Decking Installation
  • Build & Install Gazebos
  • Design & Install Pergolas
Home Designs Co, Our remodeling contractors are experts in Carpentry, Handyman Services, and Remodeling, For example, we provide Door and Window Trim, Wooden Beams, Shiplap, Accent Wall, and Wood Beam Installation. So, if you are looking to give your living room or kitchen a facelift with rust wooden accents,  then browse our portfolio for examples of our work. Definitely, looking forward to hearing from you.

Carpentry Trim & Wood Accents

Add warm, rustic charm to any room with decorative trim, wooden beams, or shiplap.

  • Handcrafted Faux Wooden Beams
  • Shiplap Installation
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • Handmade Craftsman Trim
  • Wall Removal & Doorway Trim
  • Custom Shelving & Bookcase
Home Designs Co provides handyman services. Food example, we can do faucet installation, attic ladder installation, drywall installation, and other home repair services. So, if you are looking to relocate your living space, then don't hesitate to reach out!

Home Repairs & Improvement

Allow us to save you time from tedious home maintenance or handyman repairs.

  • Attic Ladder Installaiton
  • Vanity Replacement
  • Update Faucet
  • Install Countertops
  • Door Lock Replacement
  • Drywall Installation

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For over 25 years, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Hampton Roads make their dream remodels a reality. Now, it’s your turn! If you have questions about a possible remodel, then give us a call at (757) 617-6135. We offer a FREE estimate!

Home Designs Co. is a family owned and operated micro business. Therefore, we take pride in providing traditional craftsmanship and strong work ethic. We are also a licensed and insured contractor that follows local, state, and federal building codes.

As a skilled contractor with years of handyman experience, we do just about any work you might desire. Definitely, do not hesitate to contact us today. Learn more about how Home Designs can serve you! We are available at your convenience.

Custom wooden beams and shiplap installation. Virginia Beach

Home Improvement Solutions

We take pride in providing traditional craftsmanship and a strong work ethic. 

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